What is a Worship Point Gathering?

The Worship Point Gathering is a monthly event with the purpose of bringing worship leaders together under one roof to provide prayer, resources, training and encouragement. Our hope is to create a community of like minded people who desire to strengthen and encourage each other as well as provide a practical way for worship leaders to experience that “we are not in this alone.” We will bring in guest communicators and worship leaders often to help bring insight and inspiration to our community. 

How can I support Worship Point?

There a variety of different ways that you can come alongside of our ministry. We ask for your prayer for wisdom, discernment and encouragement for not only our team but also for the people that we will get to serve. Another way to support our ministry is to help us spread the word about Worship Point. As a new ministry and one that is unlike anything that out there, we know it is going to take some time for people to understand who we are and what we do. Simply having others who can speak as advocates for our ministry is huge. As you come to know churches or individuals who are in need of what we provide, send them our way. Finally, we operate as a support-based ministry. This means we raise our own financial support to cover our operating expenses as well as the salary needed to support our families. We believe this requires our full time and focus and for that we are pursuing Worship Point to be our main source of income. If you have a desire to partner with our team on a financial level, please let us know so we can set up a time to meet with you and share more about how you can give. 

How did Worship Point get started?

Since 2009 our team has served together as a worship band called, Summerhill. While we absolutely love the opportunities to stand before others, play music and lead people in song; we believe that God has a more personal and intentional work for our lives. We know there is value in leading people in song and lifting up praises to God through music but we also believe that our passion for worship has to extend beyond the stage. At the heart of what we want do, we simply want to encourage and disciple people on a personal level. We have a desire to set the next generation up for success and help prepare them for their future opportunities and leadership positions. In 2013, we were given an opportunity to assemble and work with some young high school musicians and worship leaders for a summer camp. We called this “experiment” theCollective. We arranged a training weekend, rehearsed together and offered some teaching and practical training on being effective worship leaders all leading up to the camp. During the week of camp itself we were able to mix in these high school students with Summerhill to have us play and lead alongside each other. It was a very powerful and encouraging week and one that set the wheels in motion for Worship Point to be formed. 

What does an On-Site Training Clinic consist of?

Our On-Site Training Clinics are designed for our team to come to you. We would spend time at your church; working with your worship band to provide a custom time of teaching and training that fits your teams needs, help identify areas to grow in and establish goals for the future of your team. A typical Training Clinic would consist of these things:

-Biblical teaching on worship and music
-Practical insight into band functions and roles
-Walking your team through rehearsal time
-Individual section breakout sessions
-Offering encouragement & advice on taking the next step for your team 

What would a Worship Point Mentorship look like?

Mentorships through WP can be done on both a team and/or individual level and our offered over a 3-6 month time period. Our Team Mentorships begin with an On-Site Training Clinic but then move into more consistent and intentional time of growth and development in the coming weeks and months beyond that event.

-We would correspond with your team weekly; fielding questions, offering encouragement and -providing resources for them to use.
-Set healthy goals together and help your team work to achieve them.
-Meeting up with the full team at least once each month to help walk through rehearsals and meet other needs.

-At least one member of our WP team would come and sit in on a worship service each month to offer constructive feedback.

Our Individual Mentorships offer many of the same elements as our Team Mentorships but are focused in on just one individual that would be paired up with a member of our Worship Point team. This allows us to commit and provide very specific attention to the growth and development of a particular worship leader. Because we know that every individual is different, this allows us the opportunity to provide custom training that is suited for the skill level and personality of the individual.