We are so excited about sharing our journey with you each and every month. Thank you so much for your interest and investment into what we are doing through this new ministry. Our goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed about everything we are currently involved in, as well as the opportunities and goals that we have before us. Above all, this monthly correspondence will help you see the ways that you can be praying for our team and the people we are getting to serve. We know that the work that is before us will be impossible with the prayers and support of others. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for coming along side of us on this adventure!


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Who We Are

Since 2009 our team has served together as a worship band called, Summerhill. While we absolutely love the opportunities to stand before others, play music and lead people in song; we believe that God has a more personal and intentional work for our lives. We know there is value in leading people in song and lifting up praises to God through music but we also believe that our passion for worship has to extend beyond the stage. At the heart of what we want do, we simply want to encourage and disciple people on a personal level. We have a desire to set the next generation up for success and help prepare them for their future opportunities and leadership positions. 


We believe every person needs others who are willing to come alongside them; to encourage and inspire their love for Jesus and create opportunities for them to chase after their God- given passions. We also need to be challenged to grow in the creative ways God has gifted each of us. Every person should be shown the incredible value and importance of having their hearts in tune with Jesus so that they can be most effective at pointing others to Him. It is our experience and observation through the years that there are many talented and passionate young worship leaders in our churches today who have very little direction or a real sense of purpose behind what they do. We want to help properly frame their lives of worship and shape their purpose for serving God and others.