Team Mentoring

Our team mentoring takes a long-term approach to working with and training your team. Our aim is to spend quality training time with your team once a month teaching and training on the heart of worship and working through the practicalities of being in a band and playing music together. Not only will we meet with your team once a month for a training session, we will also correspond with your team on a week-to-week basis; answering questions, sharing resources and offering encouragement. We offer 3 & 6 month team mentoring cycles.

Individual Mentoring

We will match you with one of our awesome team members to help you set and achieve your musical goals as well as encourage and empower you as a follower of Christ.  The two of you will lock arms as you both grow and challenge one another for up to a 6 month period. Our team member will meet with you monthly to work through your goals and help you grow in the specific area that you serve in. Your mentor will also correspond with you weekly; answering questions, sharing resources and offering encouragement to you.


Individual Mentoring Spots Available:

  • 1 - Male Vocal/Rhythm Guitar/Leadership
  • 1 - Female Vocal
  • 1 - Keyboard/Rhythm Guitar/Leadership
  • 1 - Drums
  • 1 - Production (Audio)